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Dave wakes up, it was a messy night in Soho last night but this morning he is feeling surprisingly fresh.
Vodka and tequila seems to lessen his morning headaches.
Gym at 11 then brunch at 1pm with the boiz.

He slides his Logo Leggings onto those silky smooth pins, iPhone into his back pocket before jumping out and out of the house, protein shake in hand.

7 sets of Squat later, Dave hits the showers, blowdries his hair and is finally ready for brunch.

Though just as he leaves the changing rooms, his stomach drops...

He reaches down to his back packet and his iPhone is not there.

He rushes back into the gym but can't find it anywhere.

Brunch is in 15 minutes, he doesn't know the address or can't tell the boiz he will be late. Dave is going to get punished.

But not if he had his Black Panther.

In 2012, we brought you leggings.

Leggings for the male form, before these existed anywhere else on the planet.

In 2014, we brought you single handed watches, before they existed anywhere else on the planet.

In 2017, we bring you:

The sTitch Man Pouch

Dave, these are for you.

  •  Colour: Black
  •     Machine washable (30 degree recommended)
  •     Dry at a low heat

The sTitch Simply Styleeesh Guarantee

Don't think you look Styleeesh in your Black Panther?

Not a problem... simply send them right back to the return address AT ANY TIME and we will ship you a new pair OR give you a full, no questions asked refund (that includes shipping so you are never out of pocket)

Fast Worldwide Shipping

We know the feeling, you order your Man Pouch and you just want to rock it RIGHT NOW... but you can't, because you don't have them yet.

That is why we make EVERY effort to get your sTitch Man Pouch to you as soon as is humanly possible... wherever you are in the world.

In most cases your sTitch Man Pouch will be shipped within hours of your order being placed.

"Free UK Shipping As Standard (£9.97 Worldwide)"

Customer Reviews

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The black panther is out

The black panther is out of stock at present but the Gandalf version is excellent

Thanks David, will ping you when BP is back ;)
They are fantastic and comfortable

They are fantastic and comfortable to wear casually in town :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Great. Thanks for the purchase :)