Meet The Team


I'm tall, skinny, and I'm running a male leggings business with my mates because they are so damn comfortable! I was always a big believer in tight fitting jeans and trousers and I know this is the next big fashion step forward.

It's only a matter of time people before you give in to leggings like I did.....


Since discovering leggings and consequently sTitch my life has changed. It has become a whirlwind of tight fitting leg garments and baggy t-shirts. Looking forward, my goal is to become a global player in the male leggings industry alongside my two good friends and hope you can all enjoy the ride with us.


I represent the more masculine side of the business. The 'Braun' of the business, if you like. For the concerned gentlemen out there with fuller, sturdier figures, fear not! I am the case study that proves that men with more "man" about them can pull off leggings. Not only that, we look better than the skinny boy.

Male leggings have been tipped for big things in 2016. Living in East London I have the delight of seeing new fashion trends donned by fashionistas daily. I am seeing leggings increasingly crop up within the male fashion community. However I'm not in the business of predicting fashion trends. I'm in the liberating garment business. sTitch is my tip for 2016.