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This is my first pair from 2 years ago. Although I'm not using it as much up to this moment, still as comfy as ever. Thanks sTitch!

love it!

totally love it, this is my 2nd pair :)

So comfy to wear!

I bought my 3rd pair from sTitch which is blue banana. As expected it looks soo good and wears comfortably! Using it 3x per week during workouts.

Quite a nice fit, but

Quite a nice fit, but could do with a waist band cord or gripper, they tend to need hitching up more than I’d like

I liked the comfort and

I liked the comfort and fit, and they're definitely a nice item to have, in that they're unique and incredibly badass. Please note that they're more of a "gold coin" gold than a yellow gold in real life, so bear that in mind when buying. Also one thing I wasn't keen on is the fact that they're a bit too revealing, so make sure to wear a long shirt with these. If modesty is a concern, then I would choose a darker pattern or design such as the Tartans instead.

I love the pattern on

I love the pattern on these: the red, green and blue tartan with the sheen of the material is a simple yet eye-catching design. The material feels of good quality, I tried other brands of meggings before but these are the best and have the thickest fabric. They may appear to fit like the skinniest of skinny jeans, but don't feel that way; rather they are easily comfortable enough to wear every single day. The back pocket easily accommodates most smartphones and is something previous meggings from other vendors missed out.

They are really fab xx

They are really fab xx I'd definitely say more than 5stars :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Looks perfect on you Rob! ;)
The start of my megging collection

These are the first stitch megging that I bought and I have to say I'm hooked. They are so comfortable to wear that I feel like I need to buy more and throw out my jeans.

Sweet! Thanks for the feedback Simon, more pairs are waiting for you ;)
The black panther is out

The black panther is out of stock at present but the Gandalf version is excellent

Thanks David, will ping you when BP is back ;)
Sure happy with it. Some

Sure happy with it. Some problems with getting it. Came on time before leafing for a trip. The good thing about it is, that it has a open compartment at the back. It's handy to tuck things a way fast or to get something in a quick way.

Thank You Eric, we appreciate the feedback ;)
Perfect for Coffee Shop

I have the Rambo camo and plaid leggings - great fit, cool fabric. They're perfect for writing at the coffee shop, going to brunch, or lounging at home. I like wearing them with longer t-shifts for a cool vibe. Excellent service, quick delivery.

Sweet, thanks for the feedback Casey, we appreciate it! ;)
Versatile and fun!

Fiery Scotsman, what a nice pick I did with these Stitch. I love their vibrant colour, that along with the tartan design, makes it versatile. I wear them for yoga in a sporty way or with boots and a t-shirt for an informal and fun look.

Thanks for the feedback Oscar! We appreciate it ;) Keep rock'n #sTitcher
Great quality, feeling and looking

Great quality, feeling and looking fantastic

Thanks for the feedback Paul, we appreciate it! ;)
Great fit sooooo comfortable fantastic

Great fit sooooo comfortable fantastic

Jake c

Amazing product and quality is top notch. So comfy and great for squatting in the gym. The team are so friendly and helpful love them and their products.

Thanks Jake, keep rock'n ;)
Super gold meggins

Just received my gold leggings, I love them, my 15 year old daughter hates them, this is brilliant. Can't wait for cold winter training runs to wear them.

Sweet! Thanks for the feedback!
Go bold and be noticed in Fiery Scotsman...

As with all Stitch leggings, these fit just right and this colour will definitely stand out in a crowd. Now stop thinking about it and get a pair for yourself. You will be glad you did.

Awesome, really nice to hear that Bryan ;) Thanks for the feedback!
Not my favorite pair of Stitch leggings....

The print and pattern is great and the padding is placed well. The part I don't like about these is the side stripe. It is a great concept for safety while out running or biking, but it doesn't stretch. So for someone with larger calves is make the fit feel a little off. For someone with shorter legs, these would possibly be awesome. But if your legs are longer, I would recommend one of the other Cycle styles. These leggings aren't horrible, just not my favorite and I probably won't wear them.

Thanks Bryan, we'll take note of that.
This color is fun to wear....

I wasn't sure how I would feel about white leggings, because white leggings will always be somewhat see through. White sport briefs are my go to option, but sometimes I wear a colorful pair of briefs the I know will show. Sometimes my underwear has a message on the back for those who might be looking.

Sweet, thanks for the feedback Bryan! :)
Very bright and colorful...

I love this color and as always the fit is spot on. This color is a bit see through, so keep that in mind when choosing underwear or maybe wear a long shirt.

Great feedback Bryan, Thanks for giving a good tips for our fellow #sTitchers.
Tartan is very fashionable...!

Stitch's are super comfortable and fit pretty well. This color passed my squat test. The back pocket is a nice addition too.

Legend! ;)

I so love the colours I wear them casually they are so comfortable too brilliant :slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling:


These leggings are really comfortable I wear them casually around town and proud to wear them I've six pairs now and love them all :slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling: overall brilliant :+1::+1:

You're such a legend Robbie, you got amazing pairs that fits you well! ;) Thanks for the feedback!
Brilliant leggings

I love the colours I'm so proud to wear these casually :slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling:I've got six pairs of leggings now and love them all they are a perfect fit too :slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling:

They are fantastic and comfortable

They are fantastic and comfortable to wear casually in town :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Great. Thanks for the purchase :)