3 Best Friends Set Out On A Crusade To Change Male Fashion Convention

We envision a day where men can wear what they want as opposed to what they should, to achieve this, we will strive to design and produce garments that liberate the modern man from conventional male fashion.

It all started on a dark and stormy night in December 2012...

Three great friends seized an opportunity that can only be explained as a stroke of genius. 

They observed a trend towards skinnier male leg garments and also in the way that the male gender was being scrutinised for unique style.

7 days after the initial concept of a male leggings movement was conceived, those three friends found themselves on a market stall in East London with 18 pairs of sTitch Originals:

After a phenomenal reception, they began to start selling their leggings through this very online store to men around the world.

It wasn't long before the press heard about this crusade and started writing:



Despite this media attention, the sTitch Boiz persevered with the mission and spread their leggings to thousands of men in over 30 countries around the world.

(You can meet some of these sTitcher's here.)

To take sTitch to the next level they then went on national television in front of millions of people to share this mission with some of the UK's richest and successful investors: 

Though for some reason they just didn't seem to understand...

The following values describe the sTitch culture and govern the decisions made within the company:

  • Don't take yourself too seriously

  • Disregard conventional wisdom

  • Keep it simple

  • Originality through individuality

  • Innovation through creation 

It is by abiding by these values, that they continue to produce garments that will inspire the male population of the world to liberate themselves by wearing what they want as opposed to what they should.

They continue to strive each day to share their vision with the world and if you would like to be a part of that then...