MIDNIGHT - sTitch Meggings


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The sun is setting over the Brooklyn Bridge, Martin & Rob are decided where to take things after their romantic dinner.

"Honey, where shall we go after midnight?"

"Did I put these Meggings on for no reason? We're going out of course..."

sTitch's for a party that goes on past midnight...

Understated eloquence with back pocket for all your valuables.

  • Colour: Navy
  • Machine washable (30 degree recommended)
  • Dry at a low heat
  • Sizes: Small, Medium  & Large
  • Material: 95% Polyester, 5% Elastase


The sTitch Simply Styleeesh Guarantee 

Don't think you look Styleeesh in your Midnight Meggings?

Not a problem... simply send them right back to the return address AT ANY TIME and we will ship you a new pair OR give you a full, no questions asked refund (that includes shipping so you are never out of pocket)

Fast Worldwide Shipping

We know the feeling, you order your sTitch's and you just want to try them out RIGHT NOW... but you can't, because you don't have them yet.

That is why we make EVERY effort to get your sTitch's to you as soon as is humanly possible... wherever you are in the world.

In most cases your sTitch's will be shipped within hours of your order being placed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Not as good as my

Not as good as my first pair (NOIR). The fit is a bit tighter and a stitch split on the right leg the first time I put them on.

OK sure, can you email us at info@stitchleggings.com and we can send you a new pair?
The sizing for the waist

The sizing for the waist and crotch/seat of your leggings are much too large and saggy for me. I like the product and design but the sizing limitation is keeping me from making my further purchases

Thanks for the feedback, we will be brining out new sizes soon!
Comfortable slightly long but I'm

Comfortable slightly long but I'm 5ft4 so shorter than most

OK we will be brining out new sizes soon!


At the time of purchase,

At the time of purchase, stitch leggings only came in a "one size fits all". The leggings actually have a "M" label in side. I'm not a big dude. I usually order size small in other brands. The stitch leggings are too big for me. Saggy in all the wrong places. Not flattering.

M is for Meggings my man :) But yes, we will be bringing out size options soon :)
MIDNIGHT - sTitch Meggings
MIDNIGHT - sTitch Meggings